MAXSNS Service

Google Ads ongoing optimization and training/tutoring, designing and optimizing e-commerce websites for cross-border trade, improving SEO rankings, and managing and promoting social media accounts overseas. Our services have been used in education, culture, tourism, real estate, automotive, manufacturing, catering, and various retail e-commerce industries.

Our Main Service

We not only simply manage your Google Ads account, but more importantly, we research precise keywords. For example, we do not want to select high search volume low conversion rate keywords, as this will significantly increase your investment while decreasing your return on investment.

Google Ads, one-on-one teaching for 2023. With Google holding over 70% of the global market share, coupled with the fact that modern people have developed the habit of using search engines for searches, utilizing Google to sell products or services is inevitably a key factor in the success of cross-border e-commerce.

Google Mercant center Fix >>

Our service provides Google Merchant Center (GMC) unblocking, feed issue troubleshooting, and Google Shopping ad placement for independent online stores such as Shopify, Woo, and Dianjiang. Our goal is to help you smoothly list your products on Google Shopping and resolve any GMC or feed-related issues that may be preventing you from doing so.

Whether it's Google Ads, SEO, SNS, or website design, it's in MAXSNS's DNA.

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